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April 30, 2015   Hoening Big Bore South, L.L.C. has ceased operation - please read no. 14

HBBS Newsletter Comic Section and the Sad Truth

Is it Fact or Fiction or is it all just a joke!?

Dear Customers,

Its been brought to our attention that users of HBBS products frequently come down with HBBS Fantasy Disorder Symptoms as follows:

1. A sudden urge to debate the 410 ga as a useful firearm.

2. An over active imagination, and seeing things that are not real. Some report seeing groups fired from 410 ga at 100 – 300 yards as good as most rifles.

3. Suddenly entering shooting contests with a firearm known to be useless and thinking they may win, place, or show.

4. Make claims of killing deer at over 200 yds with a 410 ga.

5. Have sudden moments of creativity in firearms and load development related to the 410 ga, in attempts to fuel more fantasy.

6. Some sell all other slug guns and keep a 410 ga. Extreme cases sell all other slug guns first then buy a .410 ga.

7. Become the butt of frequent jokes related to the use of a 410 ga.

8. Could experience loss of personal relationships with hunting party members due to delusional actions and stories told while hunting.

9. May hang tree stands in places that are likely to produce shots known to be out of slug gun range.

10. Actively searches for other victims of HBBS Fantasy Disorder which worsens the condition.

11. Become combative and refuse to face reality when friends and family attempt to talk them out of a fantasy episode.

12. Sudden urge to buy more deer tags to fill with a 410ga.

13. Advanced stages bring about the desire for more HBBS products on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or just any payday. Extreme cases then want to use said new products on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and every weekend.

14. Exuberant feeling that all good things last forever. Fact: unfortunately they do not.

Hoening Big Bore South, L.L.C. has ceased operations effective April 30, 2015. Copyright and trademarks of Hoening Big Bore Slug LLC and Hoening Big Bore South, L.L.C. and its owner J.D. Hoening remain in effect. Hoeningbigboresouth.com continues to be the private property of J.D. Hoening and its existence may continue for some time and or be reorganized in some form. Comments are welcome: comments@hoeningbigboresouth.com

HBBS  LLC apologizes for any and all inconvenience this condition has caused you. HBBS LLC is not liable for damages or consequences that result from HBBS fantasy disorder.

Original Hoening Big Bore Slug LLC products are still avialable-get the real deal & quality marked HBBS or HBBS 410 while you can.

The following domain names may be sold. Offers will be considered.