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Home of America's Finest Custom .410 Bore Slug Barrels

Dan Maix Deer2010 265 gr test_0.jpg

HBBS 410 Field Results

Dan Maix has bagged several deer with HBBS 410

perry saling with 2 hogs 657 72dpi_0.jpg

The Wild .410 Bore Slug Gun

Perry Saling drops a couple Florida Hogs with his HBBS 410

See the wild HBBS 410 Mauser action the real "Wild 410 Bore"

400 gr of serious penetration 2 h400_0.jpg

Big 410 Slug Ballistics from HBBS

No more lightweight .410

This Big Bore is capable of shooting 375 gr plus slugs with accuracy at long distance.


Expert Calculations of HBBS Power

Thornily Relative Stopping Power

Taylor K.O. Factor

Reveal HBBS 410 true standing as a Big Bore

test gun_0.jpg

HBBS 410 Barrel Specifications

America's finest custom .410 bore slug barrels

50 yd target bullseye_0.jpg

50 yd. Target

No doubt 50 yard shots are a possibility.


100 yd. Targets

Finding the target at 100yds is harder than hitting it.


HBBS 410 Roll Crimp Load

Conventional standard slug look with HBBS innovation and results


HBBS 410 Star Crimp Light Load 1085 fps

Unheard of slug power in the conventional star crimp for shotshells.

uncrimped load cropped_1.jpg

HBBS 410 Uncrimped Compressed Light Load

Target quality loads using the easiest HBBS loading method.

uncrimped load cropped_2.jpg

HBBS 410 Uncrimped Compressed Heavy Load 1500 fps

Higher power target quality loads using the easiest HBBS loading method.

verdict 2 smoothbore 10 shot 20ft 560w cutaway_0.jpg

The .410 Verdict Concept

Multiple hard hitting pellets give the combined metplat area of a larger gauge slug.

verdict reformulated loads 2 1-2 and 3 inch_0.jpg

410 Verdict Defense Load Components Available

HBBS LLC trademark Verdict defense loads in 2 1/2 and 3 inch .410 bore hulls.

Components for loading them yourself.

finished .410 slug 72dpi 563w _0.jpg

355gr Heat Crimp Load BHN14

HBBS Trademark .410 protruding Slug load using proprietary Trademark Heat Crimp system. The finest .410 slug loads tested.

finished .410 slug 72dpi 563w _0.jpg

370gr Heat Crimp Load BHN12

HBBS Trademark .410 protruding Slug load using proprietary Trademark Heat Crimp system. The finest .410 slug loads tested.

heat crimper full set up 2 7sdpi 563w_1.jpg

Introducing the HBBS 410 Heat Crimper

HBBS LLC has changed shotgun slugs forever. Only HBBS has the trademark Heat Crimp system for shotgun slugs.

44-410-400 nitro and plasitc_0.jpg

Introducing the HBBS .44-410 Overbore

HBBS 44-410 Is this what the .444 Marlin should have been?

lastscan extreme madness flipped 72dpi h400_0.jpg

Hoening Big Bore Slug takes on the 45-410

.45-.410 - What could have been a good thing - ruined by "industry standards" that are too loose,

but...there is always the custom built incarnation.

intro 44  hbbs brass vs marlin cropped_0.jpg

410 Brass

HBBS full length 2 1/2 inch .410 brass cases are longer than .444 Marlin. The best .410 brass made gets little attention from the shooting world.

One of Dad's Big Ohio Bucks_0.jpg

Inspiration Behind HBBS

A father's loving care leaves its mark.

ho ho hoenings Merry Christmas_1.jpg

Funny Pages

HBBS 410?

Reality or dillusion?

Really, it is ok to believe